We want to welcome your family to Love to Learn Children’s Center (LTLCC) where it will be our pleasure to provide your son or daughter with a warm and happy environment where they can learn in a safe and fun setting.

Children of all ages learn in many different ways but a child learns best when they are allowed to explore and learn at their own pace. At LTLCC we are organized from a child’s perspective providing learning materials within easy reach and creating bright and inviting spaces to read and be involved in imaginary play.

We offer a child directed play based curriculum that encourages love of learning, curiosity and the building of self-esteem. Additionally, we encourage all our parents to become part of the learning process. Any special talents such as music, art, cooking or storytelling can be shared with everyone, exposing all to something interesting and new.

These are the formative years in every child’s life. They are taking in information non-stop and at an amazing page. This is when they can learn to love to learn, discovering new and exciting things about the world around them while gaining the skills needed to become a well rounded, independent and confident individual.